polarhome.com is non commercial, educative effort for popularization of operating systems and Internet services, offering shell accounts, development enviroments, mail, web and other Internet services on all available systems. It is impossible to operate such a huge site without support of the community.

If you:

  1. Like the concept of free communities
  2. Like what polarhome does and provides
  3. Think that aix, vax, alpha... servers are too slow
  4. Want to see your favorite operating system online used by other developers
Please, contribute...

How can you contribute?

There are six main ways to help polarhome.com prosper and contribute with the daily operation:
  1. donate hardware/software
  2. your server - part of the polarhome realm
  3. donate money for server upgrades
  4. be a moderator, administrator
  5. read advertisments
  6. advertise on polarhome.com
please, send your question, suggestion etc. to sponsor@polarhome.com

1. Donate hardware/software

If you have some hardware or licenced software that you are not using and/or you think that it might be useful for the community, or you can not wait until polarhome manage one OS that you want to see in free shell environment... and you're fully agree that your hardware/software will be used as currently Redhat Linux, OpenVMS and FreeBSD etc in polarhome realm by the community.
Then please, send your hardware/software (it can be even preinstalled) to address below:


c/o Zoltan Arpadffy
Edbovägen 47
14263 Stockholm

You, personally, can get some benefits/rights on the system if needed.
polarhome develops as it can appreciate to buy the hardware and/or software, but sometimes there is urgent need for something. Here you can find polarhome.com's "wish list".

2. Your server - part of the polarhome realm

There is one easier way to help.
You already have a server, desired by the community that is online... and you fully agree with the concept of  polarhome community... and you're prepared to open your server for free shell operation (educational, demo but sometimes even commercial purpose too)... then:
You can apply for sub domain or hostname under polarhome.com as for ex.,if you're running one QNX host for hostname qnx.polarhome.com.
Please, send your application to: sponsor@polarhome.com

3. Donate money for server upgrades

You can send any amount that you can appreciate.
Donation are listed on this page with amount.
polarhome.com will remain non commercial site as long is in my hands, and every penny will be spent on system upgrade, paying the electicity bill and network connection.

Account details for bank transfer

Zoltan Arpadffy
for polarhome.com

or with another words:


You can donate as much you feel that polarhome deserves to sponsor@polarhome.com PayPal account by clicking on the "Donate" button.

Polarhome accepts Bitcoin donations at address: 1Lb6RBuBCaV2r3Q8RBGBZhiA5jDyMTNqrN or by clicking the "Donate" button.

Polarhome accepts Litecoin donations at address: LczkTakPFquCQa5UGbtHRpxd3TxrXQeBPY or by clicking the "Donate" button.

4. Be a moderator, administrator

It is extremely hard to manage and coordinate distributed network with lots of different operating systems that are open as possible and to be safe in the same time... therefore we need experienced administrators, mailing list, IRC and forum moderators to help inexperienced audience to start with some new operative system... first steps, suggestions etc.
Administrators have to be aware that it is not a commercial task as the whole system and community.

5. Read advertisments

It does help a lot when you see some interesting topic in advertisment, like below, to click the link and check the offer. These advertisments are content sensitive and usually propagate competitor's products/services that are related to product described at the current page. polarhome.com is a non commercial effort therefore we do not have competitors, nor any significan income except these advertisment. They might help you in decision and also, every click means few cents more that go into polarhome upgrade budget.

6. Advertise on polarhome.com

There are several possibilities to advertise on polarhome.com and help polarhome community to prosper.
1. The easiest is to use GoogleAds on polarhome.com

2. You might choose general targeted google ads that will appear on polarhome and OTHER similar sites.
3. If you have a nice, not offensive banner and you know exactly where you want to place your ad, please contact sponsor@polarhome.com.
4. Donate hardware or licenced software and your banner will apper on that server's registration page.

What can polarhome.com provide using donations?

Simply: better service for the whole community.

IMPORTANT: polarhome.com is a FREE and independent, community driven service provider. Do not feel obligated to contribute if you do not want to or can not afford to.

Any other related questions you can send to root@polarhome.com

List of sponsors:

Sponsor What Contact
Stockholm, Sweden redhat's new hardware:
Intel Celeron 733MHz+1Gb RAM+60Gb HD
that runs Redhat Linux
zoli at arpalab.com
Irina Siniak, Stockholm, Sweden freebsd's first hardware:
Intel Pentium 66MHz+64Mb RAM
that runs FreeBSD
ira at polarhome.com
Stockholm, Sweden Donated vax (VAXStation4000-90A)
that runs OpenVMS
and one MicroVAX 3100 with VT 510 terminal
Patrik Sondell
Martin Pettersson
Eiji Sakai, Toronto, Canada 30 DEM esakai at polarhome.com
Davor Matijasevic, Ljubljana, Slovenia 990 SIT babo at polarhome.com
Michael Campbell, Portland OR, USA 10 USD madragoran at polarhome.com
D'Anuci Antonello, Nocera Superiore, Italy 9000 ITL pandamon at polarhome.com
Michal Mecir, Bratislava, Slovakia 40 SKK pyroman at polarhome.com
Ryan Joel M. Patawaran, Valenzuela, Philippines 20 PHP rj23 at polarhome.com
Bob Schlärmann, Vlaardingen, The netherlands 10 NFL sihaya at polarhome.com
Carmine Rosato, Nocera Superiore, Italy 9000 ITL strange81 at polarhome.com
Allan Due, Stamford CT, USA 10 USD shoshin at polarhome.com
Sayed el Sadek Alan, Rivigano, Italy 9000 ITL esseerre at polarhome.com
Matthew Aldrige, Hamburg, Germany 10 DEM aldridmc at polarhome.com
Duménil Cédric, Erbaut, Belgium 90 BEF krashman at polarhome.com
Michael Jones, Price UT, USA 5 USD bladetech at polarhome.com
Michael Bauer, Wien, Austria 10 ATS mihi at freebsd.polarhome.com
Kevin Read, Germany 10 USD kread at mconsole.com
Matjaz Rogac, Stahovica, Slovenia 10 EURO matjaz at freebsd.polarhome.com
Savo Razvan, Bucharest, Romania 9000 Lei daemon80 at polarhome.com
Tobias Tufvesson, Helsingborg, Sweden 90 SEK sneeze at polarhome.com
Darjan Pezer, Grad, Slovenia 990 SIT nice at polarhome.com
Benjamin Kurschies, Lübeck, Germany 5 EURO kurschies at polarhome.com
Helsingborg, Sweden Donated free secondary DNS services for polarhome.com support at fsdata.se
Subotica, Serbia Donated free primary DNS forwarding service for polarhome.com csabak at tippnet.rs
Peter Burian, Stockholm, Sweden Donated a Conner 420M hard disk pbn at polarhome.com
ozmion, Helltown, Sweden 90 SEK ozmion at polarhome.com
Schöpf Daniel, Braz, Austria 3000 ITL mir0810 at polarhome.com
Miran Safranko, Kranj, Slovenia 970 SIT safran74 at polarhome.com
Tudor Cristea, Stockholm, Sweden Donated 16Mb RAM tudor.cristea at essnet.se
Karel Gansbeke, Gent, Belgium 10 Euro karel at polarhome.com
Blitzkrieg, Pitesti, Romania 8000 Lei sad_blitz at polarhome.com
Phill Hardstaff, New Caledonia 990 XPF phardstaff at polarhome.com
Ahzar Ali, Islamabad, Pakistan 5 PRP dahacked1 at polarhome.com
Sandu Cristian, Deva, Romania 10000 Lei bity at polarhome.com
Sveto Pusic, Stockholm, Sweden Donated "as many 16M EDO RAM polarhome needs" N/A
Pasquale Rocco, Trieste, Italy 10 Euro falstaff at polarhome.com
Paul Haywood, Moss, Norway 40 NOK carrot at polarhome.com
Christer Bengtsson, Götebog, Sweden 30 SEK bizon at solaris.polarhome.com
Matej Bukovinski, Brezice, Slovenia 500 SIT mb at polarhome.com
Büttelborn, Germany Provided competent help with Digital hardware configuration and kindly upgraded NetBSD's (MicroVAX 3100) RAM to maximum (32M) mk at mkd-gmbh.de
Mark R. Wolff, Boston MA, USA 2 USD mwolff8 at redhat.polarhome.com
Stockholm, Sweden Cadex Data offers the best second hand server hardware in the city for more than reasonable price. kari at cadex.se
Stockholm, Sweden Schroff managed to find one front door for polarhome's old Eurorack in order to protect servers from freezing. not-shown
Jure Srsen, Idrija, Slovenia 1 USD hoornet at redhat.polarhome.com
Olle Hansson and Björn Leksell, Orsa, Sweden Donated aix an IBM RS/6000 with preinstalled AIX 4.3.3, 33MHz + 22Gb HDD array e-mail not shown
Sorin Popescu, Bucurest, Romania 1 USD drhoover at redhat.polarhome.com
Reanie S. Conejero, Bulua, Philippines 400 PHP reans at redhat.polarhome.com
Jogev Triki, Ganey Tikva, Israel 10 NIS omegasupreme at redhat.polarhome.com
Ervin Marguc, Loce, Slovenia 3 USD formator at freebsd.polarhome.com
Simon Hohler, Slov. Konjice, Slovenia 3 USD wond3rboy at freebsd.polarhome.com
Matti Nieminen, Espoo, Finland 35 EEK trazcs at hotmail.com
Joseph Chatzimichail, Salonica, Greece 10 EUR afonic at redhat.polarhome.com
Nick Betcher, Winsted, MN, USA 5 USD nbetcher at cmvacations.com
Roger Aronsson, Stockholm, Sweden Kindly donated few network and programming related books riger at home.se
Karl Svensson, Limmared, Sweden 30 SEK rams3s at debian.polarhome.com
David Landgren, Sunne, Sweden 20 SEK dld at netbsd.polarhome.com
Peter Andersson, Södertelje, Sweden 80 SEK phenomen at debian.polarhome.com
Walter Belgers, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Donated irix, an SGI Indy with IRIX 6.20 walter at giga.nl
George Gagaris, Greenfield, MA, USA 10 USD sputnik7 at redhat.polarhome.com
Bobby Stojanovic, Engelholm, Sweden 30 SEK werlii at hotmail.com
Måns Nedlich, Solna, Sweden a P-166, a PII-350 and an older AC for data rooms email not shown
Andreas Kling, Borås, Sweden 30 SEK keso at aix.polarhome.com
Martin Chmielewski, Linköping, Sweden 30 SEK serberis at debian.polarhome.com
Australia Sponors boot disk acrhive's mirror sales at wyldfire.net.au
Simeon Tan, Chicago, IL, USA 5 USD voluntas at redhat.polarhome.com
Anuj Singh, Lucknow, India 150 Rs anuj at redhat.polarhome.com
Göteborg, Sweden Sponsors MindTerm site licence for polarhome.com sales at appgate.com
Robert Dufreche, Ponchatoula, LA, USA 20 USD eshiikai at vax.polarhome.com
Folkert van Heusden, Gouda, The Netherlands 10 EUR flok at aix.polarhome.com
Alex Cherepanov, Boothwyn, PA, USA 50 USD alexcher at aix.polarhome.com
Europe Donates 3 full trishell/privacy-tunnel accounts and benefit for polarhome users to use The Tube (Secure SSH Tunneling Tool) free. contact at trilightzone.org
Bohuslav Broza, Krizanov, Czech Republic 100 CZK butter at debian.polarhome.com
Stockholm, Sweden Provided PRINCE2 Project Management training to Polarhome. Now in Sweden: PRINCE2 training and certification!! Check also our other international training locations for PRINCE2, ITIL and MSP. derkjan.swart at qrpmmi.com
A. Torp, Bybrua, Norway 6 USD dlecho at redhat.polarhome.com
Uros Knuples, Slavenske Kranjice, Slovenia 3000 SIT urosknweb at redhat.polarhome.com
Raimondas Rimkevicius, Vilnius, Lithuania 7 LTL int21 at redhat.polarhome.com
Pekka Lindenmeyer, Stockholm, Sweden 90 SEK pekkal at redhat.polarhome.com
Christopher Piñón, Budapest, Hungary 4500 HUF pinon at solaris.polarhome.com
Kevin K Faulkner, Mesa, AZ, USA 4,68 USD kondor6c at solaris.polarhome.com
Andreas Isaksson, Övertorneå, Sweden 80 SEK isak at redhat.polarhome.com
Gary L. Smith, Marietta, GA, USA 10 USD gars at openbsd.polarhome.com
Cologne, Germany 34 USD andre at onlinespiele-1.de
Peter Burian, IT consultant, Stockholm, Sweden Donated an APC BACK UPS 1500VA pburian at gmail.com
Måns Nedlich, Solna, Sweden Donated a Compaq EVO, P4 box not shown
Stockholm, Sweden After aquisition of EssNet AB, Scientific Games Sweden donated to employees the not used equipment. On this way polarhome.com got a DEC rack, few SCSI hard disks, ATEA 16 ports KVM, a VT520 terminal, info at scientificgames.com
Andreas Isaksson, Övertorneå, Sweden 80 SEK isak at ubuntu.polarhome.com
Sekou Tebae, Toronto, Canada 6 USD not shown
Volker and Susanne Englisch, Lindau, Germany 50 EUR eh41 at openbsd.polarhome.com
Renato Fuyonan Jr, Philippines 1 USD forgepolar at redhat.polarhome.com
St. Gallen, Schweiz 35 USD arvin.zuberbuehler at produkte24.com
Darin Hensley, Austin, TX,USA 10 USD dman777 at aix.polarhome.com
Jamie Lokier, Oxford, UK 10 GBP jamie at debian.polarhome.com
Alberto Panu, Milano, Italy 1 EUR bigjohnson at vax.polarhome.com
EW directory, (Mykhaylo Perebiynis), USA 10 USD m.paypal678 at gmail.com
Germany 35 USD massudo at web.de
Germany Spiele Umsonst offers cool Freegames and Flashgames for the people in Germany and thanks polarhome for the great work with 50$ james_yoshi at yahoo.de
Mallorca Index, 25 USD dst at gmx.de
Mudersbach, Germany Offroad Reisen - donated 15 USD dst at gmx.de
Jens Franik, Stuttgart, Germany 10 EUR jcf at debian.polarhome.com
Johnny Svärd, Stockholm, Sweden 200 SEK ma.svard at telia.com
DIABETIC DIETS NEWS, 10 USD ann at annsmarty.com
Antoni Sawicki, Ireland Kindly donated and delivered to Stockholm, Sweden an HP/Compaq Alpha Server DS10 as at tenoware.com
Germany Gefragt.net is one of the biggest question and answer communitys in Germany. Gefragt.net thanks Polarhome for the great work with 45$ No eMail
David Meyer, Takarazuka, Japan 1400 JPY papa at debian.polarhome.com
Olav Haugan, Hjartdal, Norway 40 NOK haugan at ubuntu.polarhome.com
Sanmith Prakash, Madurai, India 10 USD sanmith at aix.polarhome.com
Tünde Kriegl, München, Germany 12 EUR enyem at debian.polarhome.com
Jan Erik Hoel, Kolbotn, Norway two 73G HDD and 4G RAM for polarhome's IBM RS/6000 running AIX jehoel at no.ibm.com
Shankar Narayana, India 27 USD shawan07 at aix.polarhome.com
Tünde Kriegl, München, Germany 15 EUR krieglt at gmx.de
Andreas Hasenkamp 30 EUR - B2B Trade thanks for polarhome's great work jh at siamedia.de
Ivan Rodriguez Almuina, Geneva, Switzerland 10 CHF ivan at aix.polarhome.com
Ben Lentz, USA donated IBM Power5 hardware 505s, 550s and 55As blentz at aix.polarhome.com
Mettler Roland, Japan Kindly donated and delivered to Stockholm, Sweden an SGI Origin 300 mettlerr at irix.polarhome.com
Tünde Kriegl, München, Germany 15 EUR enyem at debian.polarhome.com
Alexey Bykov, Moscow, Russia 15 USD gd at aix.polarhome.com
David, London, UK 10 GBP akythius at hpux.polarhome.com
Hany Aziz, West Springfield, MA, USA 3.13 USD haziz at solaris.polarhome.com
Nazareth, Israel 73 EUR for using the AIX5 server hiba at aix5.polarhome.com
Tünde Kriegl, München, Germany 15 EUR enyem at debian.polarhome.com
Philippe Briens, ST Martin Bellevue, France 2 EUR kinmara at aix.polarhome.com
Walter Güldenberg, Aachen, Germany 10 EUR walterac at debian.polarhome.com
Giuseppe de Risio, Rome, Italy 10 EUR tito6810 at aix.polarhome.com
Naofumi Uesugi, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan 2000 JPY blacknon at aix.polarhome.com
Aachen, Germany 10 EUR walterac at debian.polarhome.com
Bart Schouten, The Netherlands 8 EUR legato at debian.polarhome.com
Berlin, Germany www.lionshome.de thanks polarhome with 10 EUR ck at forumromanum.de
Lukasz Korbasiewicz, Prague, Czech republic 5 USD korba at ubuntu.polarhome.com
Donated 50 EUR - ChameleonJohn is the best place for online coupons, promo codes and daily deals of your favorite products. All online savings in one great place! oscar at chameleonjohn.com
Donated 60 EUR: Discountrue has only the best selection of daily deals and promotional codes that you can use every time you wish to make a purchase of your favorite products. Mark Smith
Curt Mayer, San Francisco, USA Kindly donated a 146GB and 73GB disks for the AIX and Solaris systems zenxyzzy at aix.polarhome.com
Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom Donated 50 EUR - Polarhome sponsorship for advertisment info at everycloud.com
Knoji donated 50 EUR - Polarhome sponsorship for advertisment mark at zipfworks.com
www.lionshome.at thanks polarhome with 50EUR email_hidden
Fredrik Lundhag, Malmö, Sweden 40 SEK jolt at vax.polarhome.com
David J Mayer, Takarazuka, Japan Thanks for keeping Polarhome running! 1000 JPY papa at vax.polarhome.com
Travel Ticker is home to the best hotel and travel deals to many of the world's favorite destinations - donates 50EUR to polarhome.com dovile at travel-ticker.com
David Bell, Plano, TX, USA 12USD arador at ubuntu.polarhome.com
Canvas Photo Prints, Brisbane, Australia Donated 20 EUR email hidden
James Wilkie , Santa Rosa, CA, USA 5 USD jwilkie at hpux-ia64 at polarhome.com
Canada tobi.com sponsors polarhome with 50 EUR kalene.garcia at tobi.com
Wedding Reception Venues, Brisbane, Australia Donates 45EUR fe at pointbmarketing.com.au
Thomas Levine, New York, USA Kindly donated a BeagleBone and a Cubieboard not-shown
Kevin Read, Munich, Germany 10 EUR obsidian at tru64.polarhome.com
William Ahern, 50 EUR - Thank for you hosting the AIX server. william at 25thandClement.com
Andrew Carlson, St. Louis, MO, USA 5 USD naclos at aix.polarhome.com
Michal Lyszczek, Poland 30 PLN - A small token of appreciation for awesome service. not shown
Roland Mettler, Fukuoka, Japan 300 EUR - Thank you for the excellent work in keeping Polarhome running! roland.mettler at icloud.com
Chris Novakovic, 400SEK for Net-SSLeay, the OpenSSL bindings for Perl chris at chrisn.me.uk
Michal Lyszczek, Poland 10EUR - Zoli! My Man! I use your servers for more than a year now. Awesome work. It's only fair to make this small donation. All the best, lm0. email-not-shown
Lanny Walker, Austin, TX, USA 30 USD - Thank you for providing this service!! not shown
Nick Date, Romania 210 SEK - Thanks for providing such a great service :) not shown
William Ahern, 150 EUR for bringing the AIX server back ***** at 25thandClement.com
Gilles LAMIRAL, Baulon, France 5 EUR monthly support subscription for the MacOS

Note: this list is manually created without sponsor's permission.
If somebody does not want to be listed, please send an e-mail to sponsor@polarhome.com

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