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polarhome.com realm, since 1999, offers shell accounts, development environments as well as other cloud access possibilities like remote shell, web hosting, mail, irc etc.
Polarhome user accounts are standalone accounts perfect for development but do not fit very well for a classroom's educative, group activity.

Even thought, many teachers created polarhome accounts for their classes, polarhome.com did not actively support this activity. Now with raise of cloud computing and server virualization there is a possibility for polarhome to provide this kind of services, free of charge, for all those classrooms that need it.

How does it work?

polarhome.com is accesable from both IPv4 and IPv6 (the next generation IP protocol) networks.
The classroom accounts are requested by the teacher and are prefixed by an unique SCHOOL-CLASS prefix. (teacher may choose an username, students get numbers)
Like in the example below:

The classroom students use the polarhome servers and network infrastructure like ordinary polarhome shell users, with additional group access to each other files that is supervised by the teacher.
The teacher is reponsible for all activity in the classroom.

A classrom account includes the following:
But does not include:

How much it costs?
Polarhome classrom accounts are absolutely free. No addmission fee. No hidden costs.

How to request?
Polarhome classroom accounts are requested by sending in the classroom account request form.

Please, send your questions and querery to support@polarhome.com

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